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Medical Clinic

Donation Goal For This Project is $10,000
12% Donated/$8,800 To Go

iKormi is in the process of expanding its operations. Our facility is being constructed to accommodate a larger manufacturing floor, as well as housing an affordable healthcare clinic for serving the rural underprivileged. As of now, we have secured a 2000 sqft plot of land in Kushtia, Bangladesh. With the help of a volunteer architect, we have come up with a design of the facility as well. 

The first floor of the building will be a facility where the arsenic water filters will be created and manufactured. There will be a bathroom, shower, dining area, and kitchen as well. This space will be an open, multi-purpose space, which will also be used as a madrasa or school part-time.

The second floor of the building will consist of a medical clinic, providing affordable healthcare to those in need. There will be a bathroom, dining, kitchen, and pharmacy where medicine will be distributed to patients. The third floor of the building will consist of one or two bedrooms to host a patient that does not have a place to stay when seeking medical care. This floor will have a bathroom, dining, bathroom, and kitchen.